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You Have Questions

 ....We Have Answers!

 We are always looking for additions to our current amazing group of team members!

Waitstaff | Production Cooks | Delivery

...BUT...There are few things you may want to consider BEFORE applying

  • Everyone here understands it is imperative that ALL instructions are adhered, every time & in every situation. Failure to do so may result in loss of business and more important, TRUST!

  • You will need to have a spirit of team "playerism"

  • Service | Help | Support | Accountability | Honesty are not just words for us, they are expectations for all to extend to clients & fellow staff

  • Professional attitude | behavior | tone | engagement is a non negotiable requirement



You will be required | expected every single day to provide, prepare, exhibit & do all the wonderful things you voluntarily shared in your interview to prove you deserve to GET this job in order to

KEEP this job 


Welp... if you believe you can "cut the mustard", want to cook & hang with the cool kids making a mark in this game of catering by doing it WithStyle, we would love to have you! Complete the application below, send it to


​Rest assured, you have never:

  • worked in a place that has more fun

  • been supported by leadership as this group

  • done this kind of catering

  • worked in an environment that cares about the "whole" you not just the employee because we were employees at one time too, in exchange we expect honest effort

  • worked in a space that was specifically  |  intentionally designed for the comfort & happiness of staff


Thank you, we will get back to you!

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