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Every Party Should Be WithStyle!

When it comes to celebrating all the chapters in your life you should do it, WithStyle! From baby showers to graduations, from marriages to anniversaries, from celebrating the full history & wisdom of our elders, you should do it all, WithStyle!

Different Types of Service
Payment Policies

Our team will email your invoice for you pay using all major credit cards

  • Hold of Date Fee - Required & Non Refundable

  • 60% - Due 14 days prior to event

  • 40% - Due upon our arrival to event

  • 10-25% Gratuity - Due upon our arrival to event

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  • Due to COVID restrictions & concerns

             * Buffet Service

                Staff arrive, setup, provide           

               service (plate, hand to guest), clean up

              * Setup Service

                Staff arrive at designated time,

                setup, provide instructions and return 

                at a designated time and/or location

               private residence or office)

Event minimums are $1,000

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