How WithStyle Works...

  • Food & Beverages ~ $1875.00 (100 guest$18.75pp)
  • Wait Staff ~ $260.00 (4 staff @ $65.00 up to four (4) hours )

  • Licensed Bartender ~ $150.00
  • Delivery ~ $20.00
  • Rentals (China & Glassware) ~ $70.00

  • SUBTOTAL ~ $2,375.00 ($23.75pp)​
  • Tax 10.1% ~ $225.63
  •  CHECK TOTAL ~ $2,600.63
  • CREDIT / DEBIT CARD TOTAL ~ $2,694.25
   @ 3.6% $93.62


Hold of Date (HOD)

Fee Refund Policy (non weddings)

Outside Vendor Policy

"We are Now Under Contract"

Events over $400.00 a "hold of date" fee (non-refundable) is required which secures your date on the calendar. HOD fees start at $50.00 are required to be paid with 72 hours of your initital contact with WithStyle.


All event with fees over $400.00 require, a HOD fee within 72 hrs, 60% of total on invoice is due two weeks (14) business days prior to event. If your event is scheduled less than fourteen (14) business days, FULL PAYMENT is required within 48 hours of receipt of INVOICE/CONTRACT...WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL


require, a HOD fee starting at $100.00 within 72 hrs, 60% of total on invoice is due thirty days (30) days prior to wedding. If your wedding is scheduled less than thirty (30) days, FULL PAYMENT is required within 48 hours of receipt of INVOICE/CONTRACT.

On all WithStyle Catering, LLC INVOICES/CONTRACTS

it reads: 

"Acceptance of this invoice & all conditions outlined on our website constitutes a legal binding contract

no exceptions.

Balances are to be paid PRIOR to or upon our arrival at venue via check or credit/debit card based on the payment schedule outlined on the INVOICE/CONTRACT. If a payment is due on a holiday which falls on a weekend or that following Monday, fees MUST be paid the Friday BEFORE.


Outside vendors such as a florist, venue or rental  companies can be secured by WithStyle Catering, all fees are the SOLE responsibility ‎of the client which will be outlined on a separate INVOICE/CONTRACT. In case of any damage, alteration, breakage, theft or loss, all restocking, damage and/ or replacement fees listed by the outside vendor will be paid in full by the client and not WithStyle Catering, LLC.


All prepayments (60%) are returned in full (less 30%) if the event is cancelled by CLIENT ten (10) days PRIOR to the event date.


After ten (10) days no prepayments are refunded if the event is cancelled by CLIENT, the venue or by an act of God, PRIOR to the event date.


WithStyle Catering, LLC reserves the right to terminate this contract for any valid reason at any time.


If WithStyle Catering, LLC terminates this contract within the thirty (30) day period prior to the event date, all prepayments (60%) will be returned in full within ten (10) days.


  • Guest count is required at the time of quote to complete the INVOICE/ CONTRACT. We ask all clients to be conservative in their estimates.
  • If your guest count increases after INVOICE/ CONTRACT has been agreed ALL additional guest they will be charged the per person fee as the original guest count on the invoice/contract.
  • If you were provided a discount and your guest count increases those additional guest will be charged the NON-DISCOUNTED price per person on a separate INVOICE/ CONTRACT.
  • Guest count decreased after INVOICE/ CONTRACT by more than 20 guest will incur a $50.00 service fee.
  • Guest count decreased after INVOICE/ CONTRACT by more than 20 guest ANY discounted/ waived/ included fees become FORFEITED and the ORIGINAL NON DISCOUNTED FEES PER PERSON will be charged.

We will provide service for up to four (4) hours; additional time will be charged at $50.00/ hrly + $25/ hrly for staff


We arrive 1 1/2 - 2 hrs prior to event to set up ~ 1:30 - 2pm

Serve guest at your event ~ 3 - 3:30pm

We dismantle buffet at ~ 5 - 5:30pm 


It is the sole responsibility of the client to pay for any venue fees related to maintenance, clean up, sweeping, mopping, carpet cleaning, damage done by guest, attendees or participants of our client. WithStyle Catering will not be responsible for any damages or lost or stolen items. WithStyle Catering will be responsible for the basic cleaning of all areas related to food prep & storage.

60% Deposit Due


40% (all balances) Due

Guest Count Increase & Decrease Policy

regrettably, this policy as all listed are strictly enforced

Event Service Times

Venue Responsibilites

regrettably, with all policies there are NO exceptions