What time do you arrive and how long will you stay?

Generally, we arrive 1 1/2 to 2 hours prior to an event. We spend that time setting up the kitchen and buffet area. We serve your guest for two hours (larger groups require more time, this will be agreed upon in the quote). After two hours we dismantle the buffet table. Typically, we will leave the beverage center/bar last so that guest can enjoy as long as possible. If we are needed to remain longer, there is a $50/ service fee charged as well each waitstaff person will incur $20/ hrly and our bartender $30/hrly. These additional fees will be invoiced and payment is expected with in 48 hrs in full.


What will my fees on my invoice consist of?
A typical invoice will include fees for:


  • Menu Selection

  • Beverages

  • Delivery

  • Staff

  • Bartender

  • Rentals

  • Taxes

Do we offer vegan, vegetarian &/ or gluten free menus?
Yes! We offer menus to please a wide range of taste.

How do I place an order?
Contact us by completing our online request. 

Do we provide table linens, flowers, music, bartender, etc?
We are able to provide some items, but we use local rental companies which require their own rental fees.

Do we take credit cards?
We are able to take most major credit cards which has a 3.6% service fee which will be added to your deposit &/or final balance. When the payment is made you will receive an receipt emailed or texted to you in seconds. To pay by credit card, call us with your credit card information (Name on the credit card, card number, security 3 digit number on back of card, AMEX has 4 digits, expiration date and zip code associated with the card).


When do we need the final guest count?
We would like to have the final guest count at least (10) days PRIOR to your event, unless stated otherwise on your INVOICE. In some cases we can wait as generally RSVP is not the strong suit of many. Keep in mind that any decrease in guest count will void some or all discounts provided. 

Do you always use real china & glassware?
We generally use china & glasses unless the client specifically request disposables.  For events with guest less than 20 we may provide china and glassware and if so it is at no additional fee. Events with a guest list over 20 we charge a fee.

Do we have wait staff & a bartender?
We have a number of professional wait staff ready to serve you and your guest. Our wait staff work events with 25 or more guest at $65.00 up to four (4) hours. After four (4) hours staff are paid $20/ hr for the event. We also have a bartender on staff, fees start at $100.00 per event (up to 4hrs), plus tips.


Do you offer BBQ?

Yes! We have an amazing "BBQ guys" who produce Championship Q...that will leave you wanting more!


How should I schedule a drop off?
If you schedule a 11:45am drop off, your order will arrive at or before. If your event starts at 11:45am you should schedule a delivery at 11:30 or earlier.