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WSC White Logo wording 2022.png
WSC White Logo wording 2022.png

We proudly introduce WithStyle - A distinctive International Inflight Catering Service !


Our dream, Our mission is to share our own home cooked hospitality - that unforgettable hospitality that goes back generations. With our dedication to service excellence, unique taste and presentation,


WithStyle stands out in the global market, sharing delicious home-cooked fare to airports around the world, while continuing to support the traditions of family and friendship. We take pride in building a lasting partnership with vendors, giving you access to the best products.


Our commitment to service quality is unrivalled - WithStyle is consistent, accountable, honest and helpful. We will strive to make every catering request as effortless as a summer night stroll through the bayou, where the magnolias sway and the locusts sing in perfect harmony. It is our sincerest pleasure to serve customers from all walks of life and from any part of the globe - from Seattle, to Los Angeles, from Dubai to Houston and even New Orleans. Our experienced and professional staffs are trained to provide excellent service and creative dishes - with the same heart and passion as Bridgette, who served her first clients over 17 years ago.


We thank you for your trust and are ready to cater your next event with the same passion and expertise that has made WithStyle the go-to service provider.


The best inflight catering in the pnw

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