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WSC White Logo wording 2022.png
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This Is Us

To ensure we have access to the best we have built long lasting relationships with vendors all across the city & country to acquire the best of produce | fruits | meats & seafood.  The WithStyle way includes consistency, accountability, honesty, helpfulness & problem solving as traits! Simply put, “we care”, We are skilled & capable of catering events from the simple to extravagant from Seattle, Los Angeles, Dubai, Houston, Egypt, to New Orleans, have spatula will travel!  Every team member is trained to prepare the same delicious, beautiful, entrees, baskets for every crew, executive, world leader, individual &/ or family traveling the globe, as just as what Bridgette delivered from day one  - literally NO OTHER WAY!

For my clients who were there 17 years ago to our newest clients I say with a FULL heart, thank you,  your trust is appreciated and to those who have yet to place an order, know what has been created was done with your guest, your crews & passengers in mind.

 designed an International Inflight Catering Service rooted in genuine hospitality, exactly what  she grew up witnessing in every home, at school & church, day to day life in her hometown, Bunkie, La. Food is love's perfect dialect, that has a place in every chapter of life. All races, cultures & ages seem to weave sharing of bounty to say こんにちは in Japanese, its says bienvenido a nuestra casa  in Spanish, dagbere ore mi in Yorba and Συγχαρητήρια in Greek! No matter the request every order's goal is completed to be as easy as an evening stroll in the bayou summer night while the locust commune as the magnolias sway...yep THAT easy!


The best inflight catering in the pnw

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