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WithStyle Cheese Ravilio w| Herb Shrimp


Blu Sirloin over Buttered Papperdelle

Carrot Soup w| Homemade Croutons
Catering Event for NetJets, INC

The Best Chef's Salad EVA!

We Are All That Our Name Implies!

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is a full-service boutique company dedicated to serving the most amazing, eye-catching meals who are known world wide from Shanghai to Kenya to Mumbai and of course right in our backyard in Seattle. If you are in a Global heading off to Italy or a  wedding for 200 in Tacoma or guys golf trip in Scottsdale Arizona we have the resources, talent & knowledge to accomplish your catering needs flawlessly. In contrast to many we offer custom menus designed to deliver your vision and giving your guest a culinary experience like no other.  Distinctly for private & corporate aviation clients, we appreciate the nuisances of varied expectations, delivery of service that is at a higher than normal level which includes around the clock accessibility, most importantly discretion, never requested, its expected. WithStyle may be one of many, we are definitely the best!

Inflight | Part 91

While most of our clientele are taking our dishes all over the world, we LOVE serving locally and within the U.S. If you find yourself in need of catering, catering with a level above contact us and lets see what we can make happen!